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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Counting By Threes Song Video


Learning the Multiplication Tables

Knowing the times tables by heart is a vital skill that all children and adults need to learn so they can carry out more complicated math problems using multiplication techniques.  Just because it is an important skill, it does not mean it should be a chore to learn and not enjoyable. There are  many ways to learn the times tables that are not only enjoyable but effective.

I have created this times table cup to promote the 6 times table. What better way to learn times tables than when drinking a lovely cup of hot chocolate or their favourite drink? This is an effective, inexpensive and durable mug that will last for years to come. Children and even adults learn a lot more when they do not even realize they are learning and it just seems like fun.



1: Give your child plenty of praise. Even if they get some wrong,  concentrate on what they get right.


2: Get them to learn the multiples first before you go on to try and memorise the tables. This will help them to understand the pattern. That is they should memorise    0 , 3 , 6 , 9 ,12 , 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33,36


3: Do the above for several weeks until they can do it. They should write this down in a book and say it out aloud as they write it down.


4: Once they have mastered this, get them to write them out 0 x 3= 0. All the way to 12.

They should do this whilst saying it out aloud.


6: Once they have done this, then you are now ready to try and memorise the 3 times tables.


7: Finally, move on to another times tables and keep going back to the ones they previously learned.


8: Finally, there are many songs to listen to on YouTube, that can help to reinforce what they have learned. Please make sure they use these alongside other activities.


Hope this helps.




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