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Education in the UK

The Key Stages of Learning: -
Your child's education in the UK

The National Curriculum is laid out in terms of pupils’ ages and year groups:
Before starting school, children are taught under the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) – this normally applies to children under the age of five.
From the age of five until seven, children are taught at Key Stage 1 level, where the core subjects of Maths, English and Science are taught and assessed through examination.
When a child reaches the age of 7, they are taught under Key Stage 2 until they reach the age of 10, or equivalently reach year 6 in their school year. This is also where they undergo National tests and classroom examinations in the core subjects listed at Key Stage 1.
These classroom examinations continue until a child reaches their seventh school year and are then taught under the Key Stage 3 criteria.
When a child reaches the age of 14 or equivalently school year 10, they learn under Key Stage 4 and many begin taking their GCSE exams at this stage. Certainly, by the time a pupil reaches 16, students are generally expected to be taking their GCSE’s.

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