Testimonials from Parents and Students for NinaLaZina - NinaLaZina


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Testimonials from Parents and Students for NinaLaZina


Fantastic tutor! I could not have asked for better.
My son tried twice, unsuccessfully, to pass his GCSE maths. We undertook the help of a tutor, Nina,  and within 6 weeks she unpicked the problem and set him on the right track. He passed! He achieved his  grade C with a grand score of 175/200 ( quite phenomenal for a foundation pass). Thank you so much.
Sharon ( parent) 2016
To Nina LaZina
Words cannot express how much I appreciate what you have done in these two years. Honestly, I don't know where I would be without you.

May Jesus be with you in the long run.

From Joe ( student) 2017
Throughout my five years of secondary school I did not understand  maths, not one bit. This was mainly because I did not have the knowledge needed to do the math problems.  I started to tell myself it did not matter if I passed or failed. This all changed when I joined Nina's tuition group. Nina motivated me and believed in me. She does her utmost to ensure all her students receive the grade they deserve. Thanks for everything, Nina.
From Kiera (student) 2017


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