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22 February 2016

My Daughter / Son Is Overweight What Can I Do Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

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My Daughter / Son  Is Overweight What Can I Do Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

Most research has shown that children are growing fatter because of inactively and not necessary because of the amount of junk food they are eating, although the junk food does play a part. Most parents find it difficult to give to refuse their child treats but treats become a regular occurrence.
Children tend to spend hours watching TV or playing computer games. However, studies have shown that if a child is given an alternative and TV and games are restricted, children tend to become more active and regain their vitality. When a child is active and happy they tend to spend less time thinking and eating surplus food.

 After school recreational actives are a great way for children to become active and lose excess fat. If your child is gaining weight, it is important to quickly get them active as the more weight they put on the more difficult it is for them to lose weight. Schools tend to have a range of fun activities such as football, basketball, gymnastics and Karate. These activates are also available privately; the local sports centre is a good place to find out what is available in your local area. Participation in such activities is a great way for your child to socialise and become fitter and, if part of a controlled healthy diet, will lead to weight loss.


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