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14 December 2017

Home-schooling For All Give Your Child The Gift of a Stress Free Adult Life Top Tips On Life Skills For Children!

Even if you do not home-school your child, these are activities you should be doing to help them have a stress free adult life.

 Every child/ teenager needs to know how to take care of themselves. It is a necessity for growing up and leading an independent life. Life skills are an important and crucial aspect education and should be on the school curriculum. However, it should be the parents/carers responsibility to ensure that the person in their care has been given the basic means by which to have a happy and successful adult life. Even if you do not home-school your child, these are activities you should be doing to help them have a stress free adult life.


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Let's make the right choices!
Young people need to know how to do their laundry, cook, clean their own home and manage their money. These are basic life skills that the average young person will, at some stage in their life, have to do for themselves. We often take these skills for granted, thinking that by osmosis they will just happen when a young person reaches a certain age. These skills should not be taken for granted as your child will have to spend time in adult life learning how to do them. They have plenty to do in adult life, why not give them a helping hand now.

Grocery shopping is an important aspect of life. Get them started by taking them family grocery shopping. This can begin as soon as they can read and understand what they’re reading. Start by letting them help you make your grocery list. Take them with you through the kitchen, bathroom and any other part of the house that you check while making your list of what you’re out of. Making a list is a very important part of the process. If, like me, you shop mostly online. Have them sit by your side and show them how you buy online and how to find good deals!
Children can make decisions of what to purchase

Give your child their own list. Let them travel through the store and collect their individual items. Teach them how to locate bargain items. It’s also good to give them a set amount of money to spend so they can learn how to save money on things. At the checkout counter, let them put their own items up on the belt for scanning and take care of paying for these items on their own. The gift of life skills - what more could they ask for!

Cooking is a skill they will thank you for the rest of their lives! They will save money from cooking from fresh and be a lot healthier. Start by finding kid-friendly recipes online, so that they can create their own dishes. Indeed, you may have your own recipes that you want to share with them. The skill of cooking cannot be underestimated. They do not have to be master chefs, but they should be able to put together a healthy and tasty meal for themselves. As time goes by, their level of cooking will increase, and as they get older they will need less and less supervision!

Being able to do laundry correctly may not seem like a big deal, but it can be when you run out of clean clothes. Even four-year-old can be taught how to sort laundry! They can sort and place items in piles! Show your child how laundry is done. I will let you into a secret, my son, 18 at the time, was washing for months just using clothes softener. I noticed one day and asked him what he was doing. Apparently, he thought it was a liquid wash for the clothes. You can’t win them all!  Eventually, they can do their own laundry and use the correct liquids!
Laundry must be done all over the world!

Cleaning the house is also vitally important. Having a germ free, dust free home which is free from bacteria has got to be a good thing, don’t you think? Allow your child to vacuum, dust and wipe down surface areas. Show them how to clean the toilet, even if they do not have to do it straight away. When they are old enough to clean it, they will know what to do.

Is there anything you do with your child/ teenager to prepare them for adult life?

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11 December 2017

Fun Family Activities Can Include Cycling

Fun Family Activities Can Include Cycling
Staying fit and healthy has never been so important, given the sedentary jobs and lifestyle that most of us lead. There is no need for anyone to be caught up with the perfect body; indeed, there is no such thing - apart from the Photo-shopped body and even that falls short of perfection! It is more important to feel good about ourselves and our bodies. Excepting that no one is perfect, and the ideal body does not even have a definition, will help us to have a healthy mind and body. However, exercise in some form or shape is good for the heart and good for the body and mind! Childhood obesity is on the rise in many countries. We all want to help our children to stay fit and healthy and so by doing some form of family exercise together would be a great start. Great for bonding. Great for conversation. Great for getting the kids away from the TV, games or eating!  Great for a clear mind!

I know that parents only want the best for their children. Helping your children to maintain an appropriate weight is something that can be done as a family unit. I love cycling as it does not feel as if I am exercising, more like I am cruising around!  Kids love to have fun and this is a great way to get all the exercise they need for one day and have fun at the same time.

It is not difficult to start cycling. Purchase an inexpensive but good quality bike, a helmet, and some luminous jackets and there you have it! Cycling with the children is excellent for parents as it is a perfect stress-free way to spend time with the kids. If you are not confident on the main roads, just start by cycling in the park. Indeed, you don’t need to cycle far. Just go around the block or a park. Start with small rides and then build up slowly. Make sure bikes are well maintained and serviced before use and teach kids some of the basic road traffic signs. No point in trying to do a Tour de France, children will just become frustrated and probably revert to nesting at home.

It is amazing how quickly the body can adapt to a new exercise regime and cycling for exercise is the same as any other exercise regime. Once the family gets into it and use to the movement and bumps in the road, it will become easier and they will grow stronger and build up their endurance and ability. Once everyone is stronger and has more resilience, then it is time to explore further afield and to plan days out which will include cycling.

So, yes, cycling is exercise but it quickly becomes an activity that can be full of enjoyment and laughter, and who does not want to see their children and family laugh and smile together? 

Balancing Calories: Help Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits - Childhood Obesity- Breakfast without Cereal!

Here are some quick but effective ways to help your child stay on track and consume a balanced healthy diet and have good eating habits.

Problems of childhood obesity go beyond physical ones. Obese adolescents have higher rates of depression (see article on brain food here), which increases the risk of poor eating and exercise patterns that add to their weight problem and result in a poor quality of life which can remain well into their adult life. Give your child a fighting chance with some simple steps. Why?

 Watch those sleep overs

Sleep overs can be a nightmare if you are endeavouring to help your child lose weight and maintain a healthy eating habit. In all fairness, if they are old enough for a sleepover then they probably have a good understanding of what they can eat and how to not over indulge. Hopefully, by now they are managing their own diet regime, this is of benefit to you and them.
Before the sleep over spend time with your child explaining and reminding them of a healthy diet. If possible, contact the parents of the other child and discuss with them the possible problems and be available for them to ring you if they might have any questions. It is a good idea to give your child some healthy snacks to take with them.

Calorie Control - Take Control

Encourage your child to take an interest in what they eat. Explain to them what healthy options are available and the options which are not so healthy. Teach your child the calorie count of certain foods. It always comes as a shock to teenagers as they are not aware that certain foods contain so many calories, but these foods are not filling. Encourage your child to make the right food choices 90 percent of the time. We all have days when we need to cheat, but that is okay within reason. 

Snack on the right food!

Children, just like adults, are vulnerable to snacking and so we cannot remove snacks as this would just cause you more problems. Instead, encourage them to select  the right foods to snack on. Food that is slow releasing and will provide them with long term energy.
Often we eat out of habit. If we encourage a healthy eating habit from the start then they will grow up with a healthy eating attitude to food and take this into adult life.

Recommendations by the government on food and exercise...

1: Increase vegetables and fruits  - as well as whole grains and nuts
2: Eat more unsaturated fats  
4: Government recommends one hour of physical activity a day - this can be done throughout the day-  it does not need to be all in one burst


 Good meals to start the day - breakfast without cereal!

1: Brown bread, avocado with a poached/ scrambled or boiled egg.
2: Try and avoid packaged foods, stick to whole foods if you can.
3: Burrito! Wholegrain tortilla with scrambled eggs or beans, vegetables and a bit of salsa.
4: Mixed fruit and plain yoghurt. Top with nuts and other vegetables that your child likes. Cucumbers are nice!
5: Green beans and boiled potatoes with some cheese sprinkled over the top or a few bits of ham/ lean bacon.
6: Wholegrain toast with melted cheese and fresh tomatoes on the top.
A healthy child / teenager means a better life for them and you. Let's start today and take one step at a time. You can do it. I know you can.

Don't miss the opportunity to start today for a better life for them tomorrow!

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10 December 2017

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