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5 February 2018

How 3 things will change the way you approach how to promote healthy eating habits

Foods high in fat and/or sugar
It not an easy task to encourage growing children or even teenagers to eat healthy.  But encouraging your child to eat healthily and to limit their intake of foods high in fat and/or sugar is something you can do. Overweight and obesity is as growing problem in many countries. Encourage your child to make healthier choices over foods high in fat and/or sugar by giving them healthy snacks to consume during the day. 

Read about processed foods here.
Control Your Cupboard
If the kitchen is bulging with exclusively with healthy snacks, your kids will have no choice but to eat them when they are hungry.  Remember you control what enters your kitchen, not the children. Make sure you have less junk foods around, and your children will have no choice but to eat healthy!  

Start eating healthy yourself! Stat with the person in the mirror
It has been shows that children tend to copy the eating habits of their parents. If you select lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy, your kids will likely take them too. So, start with the person in the mirror!

List of some healthy snack  - please add your healthy option in the comments..



Avocado on toast

All fruit, but not more than two pieces a day

Brown bread sandwich
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