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19 February 2020

Free Play Scripts for Kids / Shakespeare Children Play Script / Original Work - NinaLaZina

Free Plays For Children 

Free scripts play for young people

This is a free play for children to use to get use to using the language of Shakespeare. This play has been written an adapted to help young children make sense of Shakespearean words and phrases and verses.
Free Play Script For KidsI wrote this play script for teenagers/ children a few years ago. We performed it in open air theatre - well just in a park actually! Written in Shakespearean language but very easy to follow and read . The play last about 15 minutes and can have up to 20 cast members, with the party scene having many extras. Ideal age for this play is 11 years and above.
Feel free to use it or adapt this Shakespeare style play free script for young people. Hopefully they have fun with it and it brings out their true acting ability.
I have also included some links below of sites that have free plays for children.
Interested in finding out more about children and education?

Have Fun.

This is a play that I wrote for children to have fun with. Feel free to download and use as you wish. Enjoy!

Play Script For Kids

Title : Thou Step upon my shoes!
Script by Nina Odejimi-Riley, Words adapted by O. Johnson
Dramatis Personnae:
Peter (David’s friend)
Mike (Ross’ friend)
Sarah and Julie
Bruno (Bouncer)
Two under-18 kids:
Two partygoers, both alike in dignity,
In fair East London, where we lay our scene,
Where school-field mud makes new school-shoes unclean.
Comes now a darker hate to end so quick a life
A gang that stands strong and in danger pulls a knife Dirty trainers and a horrible rage
Is now the 10 minute play that’s on our stage;

There is a party scene. All are walking, chatting and dancing and laughing away. There are two younger under 18s who shouldn’t be at the party and are hiding downstage.

Young Kid #1:
I fear my friend we’re not as old perhaps as we should be
(Teletubby walks by with beer in hand) Maybe we should leave these sprightly things to their devices and quickly flee
Young Kid #2:
Indeed my friend, I fear that you are right. Here cometh the doorman, Bruno to escort us from this night.
[Bruno a bouncer comes and escorts them from the premises]
Enter DAVID, with JULIE and others from his Course, meeting the other party goers who are in his gang.
Welcome guys - and ladies that paint their toes and wear pretty reddish bows (laughing with the girls)
(Arrogantly) Which of you beauties will now dare deny a dance with me? A gentleman is I that bends the rules in this merry room of happy fools! (Laughing at other lads in the room)
Come, musicians, play!
A hall, a hall! give room! and dance everyone
The band plays, and they all dance.
(Complaining of the heat) More light, you jesters and joking-jovial lot, quench those lights, the room is grown too full of people!
Yes ‘tis true, ‘tis crowded in this little clubber’s land, but the crowd doth add to the party’ scene, but do not worry just raise your hand, and dance along with the lead-singer Dean!
I do too love this happy night and happy band with my beer in hand and glowing light (holding up a glow stick and stepping backwards and treading on a chap’s feet rather clumsily and spilling a little beer) – Peter motions as if to say sorry- and continues dancing.
(To Ross)Ross my boy this is our foe,
A villain that is hither come in spite,
To scorn our trainers on this night.
(Looking at shoe then pushing Peter)
Do you tread upon my shoe sir?
It appears I tread upon your shoe sir. But I did not intend to tread upon your shoe sir.
Ross’s gang gathers round him
But you do tread upon my foot sir, if not intended, you do still tread upon my foot.

We all tread Sir, why Elephants tread and birds tread when not in flight, and though mice tread with relatively little might we all are treaders here, relax my friend, come now let me buy you a beer.
(Angrily) I want not your beer, I want your shoes!
Come, come my friend, surely ‘tis no reason good to fight over something as small as a misplaced foot in misadventured flight?
(suddenly changing tune) Of course you are now most right my friend, no need to cry over such a silly bend of the rules that mock us in this club-land mist. I will of course now retire home to my bed and unclench my angry fist.
(To the rest of his gang)I will for now withdraw but this intrusion will not be forgotten. To Taxi rank my boys I’m sure we must now stride, our black-chariot-cabs await us now and to our homes confide.
[They go down stage and talk while Peter and the others party in the background]
What is this Ross? ‘Tis not like you, to take such lip from a clubber who, tread so deliberately upon your foot with beer in hand and cocky smile that sought to wipe ours off at least for a while.

Indeed my friend, im happy not!- ‘tis but a trick of mine while I fetch the lads to finish the job all proper so, and when ready we, in strong gang four, we will then show him exactly what we’re for. [They head back towards the party]
What is to be done for us to settle this even’s strife?
I will settle the score. I will draw this knife.
Now, by the stock and honour of our gang, To strike him dead, you would hold it not a sin?
For surely not, no sins would invade, my mind as I consider short this act. For you all as my gang you all made a promise, in this ancient bloody schoolyard pact.
(On seeing the gang approaching) I will not allow your anger on any part of this club so respect my wish and wipe off those frowns gentleman
(Taunting the gang) Do not worry my friends; if you are willing to fight us for such a folly-cause, then we will comply. We are merely guests. Fights we do not encourage but we can fight as strong as Bears.
It fits, when such a villain is a guest:
I'll not put up with him!
He shall be treated properly or leave this place!
Back down, we will not fight by choice, but if we need to then we will stand by our friend (dancing around like a boxer) and to this battle lend our dainty footwork and nimblest of moves! Hurrah!
(Talking to Julie) I know for sure that this cannot be right to use such horrible words from our own minds, to say to each other and then draw these wretched knives.

But we are here now
(Realizing that she recognizes one of the other gang)And this shall be folly as we are all related in some small though incremental way, on Facebook see!
(Pointing to one of the gang) And you are my brother’s wife’s Cousin yes!?
Gang Member:
(Pointing to someone else) And it would appear you know my Grandmother Jess!
Why do we fight then as sun comes up on new-born day?
Put down your knives and let us be
That we are united all in harmony.
We are not brothers of any sort? Surely not, this I cannot see? (approaching with knife)
(To one of the other gang)Hey you are the one who knows my Aunty Bee!
(to Mike who approaches with the knife) No need to fight then, and draw such wretched knives and draw good-blood and ruin lives –We could be the best and hey I know you, your sister's children attend the NinaLaZina drama workshops in Walthamstow!
Like ripples of a lake after stone-thrown deep, it blasts across a chasm, sweeps across families, friends and cities too – tis not surely worth’t to fight your brothers or your kin in such deadly and atrocious sin?
There are really links between us all.
It appears that there is no need to brawl
In futile and uncivil blood in which we stand
We are all friends after all.
We should not fight. There have been many who’ve fell
At the hands of these blades, do not say
That in the cold light of day that any of this is right?

Too true I suppose you are right my friend
Perhaps this is where we should make amends,
And put a stop to this deadly game
Of blood and violence and sinful shame
(They drop their knives and leave chatting and shocked by the news they all know each other)

The kids come back in:

Under 18# 1
Come, let's inside we go now to; the strangers all are gone!
(They go and grab two beers, sit on a table with Teletubby and ‘chink chink’ their beers)


A bright new peace this morning with it brings,
The sun for friendship will now show his head.
Go hence, to have more talk of these happy things.
All will be pardoned and no more bloodshed
For never was a story of more woe
Ended with such joy and friendship so


Top Children's Reading Books / Books For Children/ Invest ion Reading Books for Your Child and Create a Love of Reading

Reading is a wonderful self-fulfilling activity for all age groups. Reading with a parent/ carer will ensure that your child knows that reading is valued and enjoyed in your home. What ever effort your child makes read they should be praised and supported, no matter how small the effort is.

Click here for  for books for all ages 0  to 14 years old.

There are many well structured after school reading classes that help with children learning to read
 that aim to  draw the children to books. They help children with diction, idioms and  phrases. For young children, these classes can be fun with animated  characters and pictures.

Let your child know, through example, that hard work will be rewarded. If your child believes that achievement is a natural by-product of effort, he is more likely to put in hard work. Such children are also less likely to drop out of programs and college at a later stage. 

Reward success of reading:

When a child achieves something, it is necessary to praise there hard work. Positive reinforcements enhance confidence and increases self-esteem. Conversely, beware of criticism. It can ruin the frail ego of children/ teenagers and play havoc with their minds.

How Children Reading Helps with Math

Why is reading important?
Reading is not just important for subject English, it crosses over the entire school curriculum. Children  who enter secondary school with a below level reading age, find it difficult to access the school curriculum and this includes the math curriculum. In order to access and understand the curriculum children do need to be able to understand the vocabulary needed and have a good level of vocabulary.  Those  children who read well from an early age tend to do well across the entire curriculum. Whilst those who are below their age level for reading, struggle to engage with the curriculum

How to make your child love reading
When should a child start to read?
In my opinion all children should be introduced to books as soon as they can sit up and hold a book" They obviously will not be reading at one years old, but you can read to them and point to the words. By doing this your child will begin to read from a young age. Some children can read a few words from the age of four, some can by the age of three. The key is not to be restrictive. Read to them and enjoy stories together. Point to words as you read and you will be surprised at how quickly they will begin to read.

How children reading and maths are interlinked
Reading and maths are interlinked, just like the rest of the curriculum. As I stated above, those children who can read well tend to do well in all aspects of the secondary school curriculum. Maths requires students to understand the question and interpret information. If  they cannot read well, how can they do this. Research has found that a good maths students will also be a good reader. 

Don't make reading a test
Teaching your child to read does not just start with you teaching them. It starts with them gaining a love of looking, feeling and listening to books. Many parents make reading a quiz , a test of the child's ability. I don't think even an adult would like to be tested each time they read a book. Reading then becomes a source of anxiety for children. Reading should be a joint effort and fun. Something we do together. Reading should be enjoyable and something that children enjoy and want to do. 

Reading activities

In a world that is slowly but surely turning away from books and getting glued to monitors or television screens, the importance of developing a passion for reading cannot be overlooked. Reading is a habit and should be established when a child is relatively young. What can you do to foster
this habit?

Find a reading class: 
There are many well structured after school reading classes that aim to  draw the children to books. They help children with diction, idioms and  phrases. For young children, these classes can be fun with animated  characters and pictures. Illustrated picture books, rhymes, silly songs  and pretend stories all attract young children. Use creativity to capture the child's vivid imagination. Contact your local library.

Pique your child's interest in reading 

If your child has a favourite character, pick a series of books that features this character. For my son, it was Spider-man. Thanks to friendly neighbourhood spidey, my son latched on to comics fairly early in his childhood. Now, as a teenager he still reads comics! 

Build a home-library reading corner
A skill like reading cannot be learnt in isolation. Do not leave all the hard work to the school. Pick up books that you think your  child might like. The Internet is also a rich resource of reading games
that will attract little children to the fine art of reading.

To conclude:
Develop and guide your child's reading, so that they can access all areas of the curriculum in secondary school.  The relationship between successful exams and literacy is very closely related, so please make sure your child is given the gift of strong reading skills

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