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Let's Talk Science

In a world where science and technology is rapidly gaining popularity, we are seeing breakthroughs nearly every day. As some you may already know, in the UK we are at a shortage of talented Scientists and Engineers.
At NinaLaZina, we encourage our students to expand their knowledge in Science, as we know how crucial this will be further down the line. In order to ensure that they do so, we have devised a clever Science scheme that if followed correctly, can allow your child to widen their knowledge as well as skills.

We set our students one simple task each week, which consists of a page of science homework. The task is fairly straightforward, and it involves the student reading a page from the science text book, summarising what they have read, and drawing a simple diagram.

This simple task done each week will give them many benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • Widening their science knowledge
  • Learning scientific vocabulary
  • Fluency in summarising text
  • Diagram drawing becomes more detailed
  • Students will transfer the skills and knowledge they have learnt in science to other curriculum areas.

The science books can be purchased from us and it will last the student for their entire academic year, and we have specific books according to the academic year of your child. .

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